About CDC

Career Development Cell

(CDC) is first of its kind, which was started to enhance the employability skills of the students of Satyasai Engineering College and also to provide them employment opportunities in various national and international industries of repute.

Our Vision

To become most preferred institute by the industry & the aspirants of professional education.

Our Mission

100% employment opportunity for deserving candidates and proper guidance to the aspirants of higher study & entrepreneurship.

Our Goal

To produce effective multi skilled industry ready professional by enhancing their employability parameters, under the guidance of industry and also to provide proper platform to our students for their personal and professional development.


CDC has its objective to establish a mechanism, which will help all the Students & Staff Members of Satyasai Engineering College for their 360 degree Skill & Interpersonal Skill Development and also to provide an environment where Student or Staff can explore their inner potentiality with respect to the defined VISION, MISSION and GOAL of CDC-Satyasai Engineering College.

Process Flow

  • CDC trains students on their employability factors from first year onwards, which is emerged in their academic calendar.
  • The first year syllabus includes soft skills, which is completely activity based, and this helps them to develop their self-confidence, improve communication and presentation skills and also to keep them motivated to enhance their employability skills.
  • During the second and third year the concentration is more on Analytical & Problem solving skill along with focus on behavioural, leadership and team building activities.
  • In the final year the students are given touch of finishing school just to make them more professional and industry-ready.